A short entertainment for Soprano Sax and String Quartet - Lamento, Marsch & Scerzoh - played by virtuosi Jörgen Pettersson, soprano sax and Stockholm String Quartet, at a live concert in Swedish Radio Studio 2 ( I KNOW it should be "scherzo" - it's just
Artist: Jörgen Pettersson Artist: Niklas Brommare Composer: Ingvar Karkoff
"Brevet" is a collaboration between Jörgen Pettersson, one of the most respected saxophone players in contemporary music, and Håkan Lidbo. The album is built around the recordings from one afternoon of improvisations.
Jörgen Pettersson alto saxophone, Leif Karlborg tenor saxophone, Stefan Bojsten piano
Artist: Jörgen Pettersson and Rolf Enström
Jörgen Pettersson, Bo Fåhraeus,Elsbeth Berg, Kent Carlsson, Lennart Fredriksson
Medverkande: musiker ur KammarensembleN, saxofon: Jörgen Pettersson, klarinett: Kristian Möller, Kostym: SaraLo Serra, Mask: Amelia Cazorla
Jörgen Pettersson and Ivo Nilsson are performing Sotto Vuoto by Ivo Nilsson. Recorded at Folya Concert Hall, Istanbul, Turkey 14th of December 2011. Thanks to Statens Musikverk and New Music Coop
Artist: Jörgen Pettersson Artist: Niklas Brommare Composer: Ingvar Karkoff
Kinderlied av Catharina Backman
On a Single Subject - Henrik Strindberg
'up up up around around' by Johan Svensson
Rosanna Gunnarsson: Explosiv atmosfär


Henrik Strindberg, Cheap Thrills, live recording from Sweden Spring Music
Tommy Zwedberg: Exoj for alto saxophone and electronics, live recording